Saturday, 17 December 2011

Mr Men guide to Mental Health Part 1.

When I was little I LOVED the Mr Men.  I still do.  My best mate bought the DVD of the old series last August and as I watched it, I was struck by the apparent mental health issues that they had to deal with.  I don't have the books or DVD to hand so have had to do a bit of research on the characters to remind myself.  So here goes:
THE MR MEN GUIDE TO MENTAL HEALTH (*Little Miss can piss off. They were a money making crap equal opportunites attempt).

Mr Brave

Mr Brave clearly has an anxiety disorder in terms of phobias, mainly about heights.  He is described as a "lucky coward" as he braves it out rather than admits his fears and anxiety.

Mr Bump (my favourite) 

Poor Mr Bump.  He is really clumsy and bumps into a lot of things.  Maybe it's his psychiatric medication making him a little bit disorientated, maybe it's insomia from taking the psychiatric meds, who knows.  Anyway, he gets a job bumping into apple trees for a local farmer so at least he can hold a job down and someone was foreward thinking enough to employ someone with mental health issues. One day he bumps his head and loses his memory (or that's what it says, possibly it was ECT).  Mr Muddle sees him and tells him that Mr bump is, in fact, Mr Careful and can do lots of careful jobs.  Like carrying eggs.  This is all well and good until he bumps his head again and regains his memory, but I like to think that Mr Muddle is some kind of CBT therapist and that Mr Bump has used his new found skills to overcome his problem (after the ECT).  Which of course, we all know CBT is a short term therapy if you're lucky to get on the course in the first place.

Mr Busy

Poor Mr Busy.  Never stops rushing around.  Clearly having some kind of manic episode.

Mr Chatterbox

Well a bit like Mr Busy really.  Mr chatterbox never shuts up.  He's one of those annoying mentalists in group therapy who can't help but talk and talk and talk and talk.  Maybe another one having a manic episode?  Mr Bowler the hat maker gives Mr Chatterbox a hat which when he wears it grows to big and covers Mr Chatterbox until he learns to shutup.  I think Mr Bowler is a euphanism for a Psychiatrist and that the "hat" is really some very strong medication to turn him into a zombie.

So there we have it.  A short post (to be continued) on how the Mr Men are clearly all in need of Psychiatric intervention.

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