Sunday, 18 April 2010

Diet Phase 2

Well I say phase 2 because every previous attempt at a diet has not been successful, but so far I have managed two days on normal food with normal eating habits and NO ALCOHOL.
It helps I have some "diet buddies" who are also munching the rabbit food and I SMS them daily with my progress and vice-versa.
On the medical bills front, the Sozialdienst have taken over negotiation with my health insurer and will basically tell them to pay my medical bills because they will only have to pay them anyway eventually.  So I may be able to get more medication and another psychiatrist appointment. Which I desperately need.
I am now unemployed until June and even then it's a bit unstable. I am trying to fill my days constructively and keeping myself busy, but the weeks without a routine are going to be hard to bear.  This is when I usually go a bit nuts and start thinking about self harm/suicide when it all gets too much.

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