Friday, 16 September 2011

Suicide watch?

<p>So have not been feeling that great over the last month. I had my control appointment at my gp the other day-i see them every 3 weeks or so since my overdose in march, usually topped up with psych appts but havent been able to afford them. So i wasnt sure whether to tell the truth about how i was feeling, but twitter votes decreed i did. So i did. And no, no discernable reason as to why. I am simply mental.<br>
She was really lovely. Slight concern she would throw me in the clinic again, but my other gp told her off for that last time. So she booked me a psych appointment and another appointment 2 days later (yesterday) when the health assistant sprang a gynae check up on me.
Anyhoo, this week feel empty, low, tearful.
The dog i take walking every day for a friend of mine is in hospital for an autoimmune disease. They said if he was an old dog they would have put him down. So am really worried and upset about that. Fingers crossed all ok-waiting to hear from owner.
Will this pain ever end? Realistically i know it does but cant see it right now.

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