Monday, 27 February 2012

Everyone leave me the FUCK ALONE

Not in a good place right now.  One, the stress of work.  Each problem in isolation is not a big deal.  I just have lots of stupid problems and people to deal with on a daily basis in ski school - whinging parents, dumb ski instructors that feel the need to behave in a way that I have to repeat to them every day how to run a ski lesson, ski instructors losing children, parents complaining that there isn't an instructor that speaks their language (usually the dutch - it's fucking SWITZERLAND for christs sake) and on and on and on.
To add to this today, ex had a visit from the debt lady.  I should explain, it is my debt and to do with the health insurance.  As the insurers have had no luck with me, they have decided to chase him for the debt.  Which means they have ignored all the letters from me, my psychiatrist and my social worker. And my ex is now having a go at me (rightly so in some respects) but if he got of his arse and DID something instead of expecting everyone around him to sort out his problems, including me, then maybe someone would listen.  Instead, I get the blame for everything, including how crap his life is. Do you think he has given me one ounce of support over this health insurance thing? NO. No conversation like what do I need to do, where are the copies of the letters you have sent them, don't worry, I can give them a call, etc. NOTHING. Just tells me he can't cope with it all.  Fucking systemised army brainwashed life with no responsibility for real life stuff like...well.....real life stuff.  He left over 10 years ago and still can't talk to a fucking bank employee without losing his rag. Cue me in tears most of the day (hiding in the equipment room out of sight).  And I lost my FUCKING sunglasses that are really expensive.
Fuck fucking fuckity fuck fuck fucking cunts the lot of them.

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