Saturday, 26 November 2011


The problem with being bored is that really I have no excuse for it.  I have books to read, I have knitting, I have a box ful of craft stuff, paper, coloured pencils, a haven of beautiful mountains and forests outside my front door.
But no real friends here to just go and have a laugh with. Just me and my cat.
The highlight of my day is when my ex contacts me, because then I have someone to talk to and a reason to leave the apartment.
I don't feel especially sad at the moment, just a bit lonely. Very lonely. I tried calling my best friend in the UK, but she is loved up with a new boyfriend at the moment so doesn't have much time for me.  I understand that, I guess I would be the same. I tried SMSing my "friends" here to go out but they area all too busy or don't answer.  So it's not as if I haven't tried to make contact with people.
My sister emailed me to say she was pleased I am going back to the UK, but totally opposed to the ECT proposition.

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