Sunday, 20 November 2011

I'm not a celebrity - but get me out of here anyway

All still OK with the medication although it probably doesn't help that I don't get up until after 1pm (watching I'm a celebrity so it's my own fault that my sleep is all over the place). I've been trying to get into a routine again before Ski School starts and am quite pleased that last week I managed on 2 days to do Wii Zumba and Yoga for Abs afterwards.  Not sure my cat was as impressed though.
I am just waiting for the snow now. Last year we had snow in the middle of November.  The local Swiss farmers predict it won't arrive until 28th December.  Start placing your bets now people. It's so frustrating as if the snow comes late, then I have no work and I hate that unpredictability.  I am still with the social at the moment but I want to be earning my own money for a change and save up to return to the UK.
So all in all, I'm not too bad. Daydreaming a lot.  Sleeping a lot. But generally feeling OK.  I just have to find the appointment card for my GP tomorrow and all will be fine.

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