Monday, 24 August 2009

Will this ever stop?

Ok, Ok, been feeling really tearful the last couple of days. One, because I have had a friend here to stay who has done eff all, no washing up, cleaning, nothing, not even stripping her bed before she left. Grrr. Two, went to the Schuldensberatung today (debt advice). He was really helpful and basically said I am earning under the minimum wage for Switz and that I am over qualified for the jobs I am doing, that I should be looking for full time year round. Yeah right. Loads of those jobs here right now.

I decided on the train on the way back that I really don't like myself and don't belong anywhere. I don't feel like I fit in-is this normal? It's all well and good for friends to say, "oh me too" but I mean the real feeling of being absolutely totally alone and on ones own. Nothing seems real around me. I have no idea who I am anymore and everything I struggle to achieve just goes to pot - FACT, no matter what spin people try to put on it. In two minds what to do.

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