Sunday, 14 February 2010

High Season

Alas, not "high" as in drug related, but "high" as in busy season, which in a ski resort means no time off for the next three weeks.  Not that I have had a day off for two weeks now.  And I am simply exhausted.
I am communicating better with my boyfriend after I kind of caused a row with him last week about him ommitting to tell me the truth (lying?) and he has since reassured me again that he is not going to leave me for about the millionth time while I feel bad about pressuring him.
But after all, like J says, we have come this far and he hasn't gone anywhere.
I have started a CBT book which I am trying to do 20 minutes a day.  The next task is to write myself a letter from 10 years in the future in hope that I will be able to motivate myself.  This task I am finding rather difficult. I mean, each effort I have made to draft something so far sounds so cheesy.  But maybe it is because it makes me feel self conscious and not good enough to give myself praise.

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