Thursday, 2 June 2011

Psychiatrist appointment

My scheduled appointment was on Monday, one of the hottest days we have had here this year.  Dr I did apologise that his office would be hot and stuffy - although the window was open it is often reshut as the office is located by the hospital helipad - the heli usually comes in to land just when I am getting to an important or emotional comment.
Anyway, my mood had dropped last week and so I began by explaining that.  He asked if there was a particular reason and I said I had been thinking about that but there was no reason I could think of.  I explained about my sleeping problems over the last three weeks and that Dr A had given me Zolpidem after I had tried Temesta.  He seemed a bit disapproving and suggested I tried Seroquel instead, up to 300mg as the antidepressant effects would also help with my mood.
There wasn't much else to talk about really.  He asked about J and I said that I was in a mood with him as he only phones when he wants something.  J gets annoyed if I don't pick up the phone when he calls, saying that he worries in case I have done something to myself.  When I said to J after my appointment that he hadn't phoned for a week and I could be dead on the floor he said that I can pick up the phone too!  Typical, he always tries to turn it back on me. Dr I thinks I am working through my anger.
I explained that I had lists everywhere of stuff I want to do, to achieve, but never do and then beat myself up about not achieving my goals.  Dr I suggested I had a maximum list of three things and that I spent 5 minutes on each with the hope that this would motivate me to achieve more.  I am going to give it a try.  I've got nothing to lose.
I think my health insurance problem is getting closer to resolution.  I keep getting random statements from insurer number 1 with cancelled policies and new ones that are cheaper etc.  So I am  a bit confused as to who I am insured with at the moment.  Anyway, not my problem as the Social Service is taking on my case and will basically reallocate my money according to the debts I owe and pay me the excess (topped up if it is too low) into my bank account so that I know how much money I have for myself each month and no surprise bills coming in.  I sent off the paperwork yesterday after meeting with them last week.  Fingers crossed this goes well.

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