Thursday, 19 November 2009

My internet access returns

I didn't think I would have a problem not being able to access the internet from home, but I soon realised that I missed blogging and reading other person's blogs and the internet forums. I have become more reliant on this as an outlet for social contact replacing the need to socialise face to face where I know I will face alcohol being thrust upon me.
I have felt tired this week but in general pretty positive. My Tuesday meeting with Dr H & Mr S. went well. I had been logging my mood on a chart on the internet and printed it out for them so we discussed that. They investigated just what the ratings scale indicate and how accurate a refection that is of me.  It ended up in Dr H getting the ICD-10 and showing me the page for Hypomania.  Hmmm. I have to admit, all the descriptions fit. so now I am really confused as to the implications.  I mean, when I have a good time, I have a really good time - how does this make me hyper? I thought it was just being happy.........

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