Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Sounds like a plan....

So my appointment went really well (for me). I have got a review of my medications, can start the day clinic next week (seeing as I am not on holiday) and have had shit loads of bloods taken for testing (not sure what for but certainly my thyroid again). I feel quite positive today, although a little muddled in where to start first with paperwork, bills etc. I think I need to start being a control freak with my post and deal with it straight away. The trouble is, I am very good at making lists and sorting things into relevant piles, I'm just not very good at the actioning bit.

I also need to sort out a year round job - after my appointment with the RAV (unemployment office) last week, I seriously need to get my act together and start applying. Have already failed my target last week of 2 jobs. I just keep looking at my "intray" (cardboard box) and it looks just a little bit too much right now. My best way of dealing with being overwhelmed is, well, to go and have a "power nap" for three hours or so and then tackle stuff head on. When I am motivated. Which I kind of am right now but am using my energy on procrastinating on the internet instead of doing stuff I should be doing. I'm doing a good job of convincing J that I am job hunting now that he is home from his appendix operation and noticing how much I am on the internet.

Not thinking about next week. I'm sure I will be fine, of course I will. There's nothing to be anxious about except my brain being fuddled and completely forgetting how to speak any German whatsoever.

I had a really sweet phone call from a friend of mine this morning - I had sent her an SMS to say I would be "off the mountain" next week and did she want to meet up, because I would be in the nutty clinic. She phoned me to say I wasn't to call it that and that I wasn't nuts. Nearly made me cry in a kind of happy sort of way. Sometimes I really feel cared for.

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