Friday, 4 December 2009

Feeling better

And just like that, I am feeling on top of the world.  Maybe it has to do with being able to get my reserve medication, I don't know.  But I still miss my old life although my new life has a lot to offer. I think I always will - I just can't seem to get over it.
Anyway today I have been quite sociable which is good, even though the temptation is to stay inside in the warm and snugness of my sofa-duvet.  I have tackled my paperwork and am on top of it. I have been sort of offered a different job in the winter which would put me back on track financially and I am taking time to do my DBT skills book and review my Emotions Regulation group stuff from the other week. Tomorrow I can go skiing for the first time this season which I am starting to look forward (forward!) to. I just hope tonight I have a more restful sleep as I was so jittery yesterday that I couldn't sit still and was forever doing something and then changing to something else because I couldn't concentrate.  This led to a very unsettled night even though I was very tired.
Am hanging on to the positive feelings for as long as I can.

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