Thursday, 24 September 2009

Decisions - to work or not to work

My dilemma is this:
I am now "unemployed" from my two summer jobs.
I have, in the last 3 days, found some work via a friend paid on an as needed basis as I am "as needed" according to the weather and volume of tourists.
I have an appointment at the Tagesklinik (outpatient day clinic) on Monday with the expectation that following I attend for two full weeks then on a planned basis.
I have not much money at all, so should really be working, plus I enjoy the job, but it is unstructured which is not good for me.
I need this money to attend the day clinic (travel, materials etc.) as I don't think my insurance will cover it.
I might have work now, but none in November
My health overrides anything else - the clinic is to help me with this.

So at the moment I am mulling all these thoughts. Can't decide : Work vs Klinik

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