Monday, 18 January 2010

Positive Day

So today I have been really "proactive" in keeping myself occupied and mind off "things" by going for a long walk and having a late lunch with my friends.  (Well done me). But I've been thinking about my medication - I have definately put on at least 10 kilos since starting the Zyprexa and Lamotragine, so one of them is messing up my ability to keep in shape.  I do a lot of exercise and eat the right things at the moment and the weight just doesn't seem to be shifting.  Today I am being really practical about it but tomorrow I could be devastated by it.  Anyway, decided to bring it up at my appointment on Friday.
I also feel quite positive about going teetotal again and I think this will also help me to lose weight.  Just got to not go out though, but I can't really afford it anyway.
I feel like I am travelling in circles again. 

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